Sharice Ogas Pacheco

Ms. Ogas Pacheco graduated from Arizona Summit Law School December 2015 and was sworn into the New Mexico State Bar in April 2016. A native New Mexican, and raised in the small town of Silver City, Ms. Ogas Pacheco is passionate for assisting people with their legal issues. Ms. Ogas Pacheco is a strong and passionate advocate for her clients, and a strong advocate for parents who want to do what is best for their children. As a survivor of childhood trauma and neglect, Ms. Ogas Pacheco knows how imperative it is for a child to feel safe and secure in his/her environment.</p> <p>Ms. Ogas Pacheco is an New Mexico State Aggie and received her bachelor and master’s degree in Criminal Justice from NMSU. Ms. Ogas Pacheco has two rambunctious boys and is married to her high school sweetheart. Ms. Ogas Pacheco enjoys camping and playing poker in her spare time and is an assertive and aggressive attorney for her clients.
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