Sharice Ogas Pacheco

Sharice Ogas Pacheco was born and raised in Silver City, New Mexico. After graduating high school, Sharice moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico with her then boyfriend (now husband) Stephen where she obtained her Bachelors and Masters in Criminal Justice. After obtaining her Masters in Criminal Justice Sharice moved to Phoenix, Arizona so Stephen could go to Universal Technical Institute and pursue his career as an Automotive/Diesel Mechanic. After arriving in Phoenix, Sharice began working for Child Protective Services as an Ongoing Case Manager. After working closely with the Court and Attorneys in Child Dependency cases Sharice decided it was time to pursue her dream of becoming an Attorney. She began law school and during her time in law school completed multiple internships. Most notably, when Sharice moved back to New Mexico with her husband Stephen she began an externship with New Mexico Legal Aid where she assisted Pro Se clients in Family Law matters. As a survivor of childhood abuse and neglect, and being placed in and out of foster homes, Sharice has a passion for helping dads who face an overwhelming court system and the burden of convincing the Court that they can be just as nurturing and loving as a mother can be. Sharice strongly believes this because her father struggled for three years to get her from her birth mother and out of the abusive situations that Sharice was placed in repeatedly. Sharice's dad faced difficulty in demonstrating to the court that he was the better and more suitable parent for Sharice and could provide a loving, nurturing environment that Sharice's birth mother could not provide. It is from this journey and path that Sharice is where she is today. Sharice was blessed to have an amazing stepmother (who is her mom in every sense of the word) and an amazing father who helped shape her to who she is today. Sharice has a beautiful loving family of three that consists of her wonderful supporting "rock" of a husband (her high school sweetheart) and their beautiful baby boy, Julian, who was born September 7, 2015.. Sharice and Stephen love to have bar b cues, play games, go camping, and just spend time together with family and friends. Sharice has OFFICIALLY been sworn in as a member/attorney of the New Mexico Bar on April 25, 2016.
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